A name, Amzad Ali Miah, had spent most of his life to collaborate with people by his heart. Today he is a history but he left beautiful illuminated glory oday we want to cherish his memory.

Objectives of the organization

  • This organization is a non-political and service organization.
  • Improve socio-economic development and health care of this organization's activities.
  • This organization will ensure the health and social development of the people of this area.
  • This organization will conduct various types of vocational and recreational activities.
  • This organization will conduct anarchic activities through proper planning for the prevention of moral degradation of the youth community in the area.
  • This organization will arrange for the implementation of fish farming, poultry farming, livestock, etc.
  • In this area, modern farming will formulate and implement a farm based farming and production and distribution of improved varieties of seeds.
  • This organization will undertake various activities like tree plantation, production, sale and flooding etc. to protect the natural balance.
  • This organization will adopt and implement any program for the treatment of people of this area and their socio-economic development.
  • This organization will set up a library for cultural development and organize different programs and seminars.
  • This organization will take steps to mobilize social movements to prevent violence, smuggling, drug addiction and anti-social activities.
  • This organization will take action to protect the rights of helpless women and children.
  • This organization will provide active cooperation in dealing with any natural disorder.
  • This organization will assist in primary health care and sanitation activities.
  • This organization will implement any kind of philanthropic activities.
  • This organization will strengthen and maintain mutual cooperation, goodwill, brotherhood, unity among the people of the area.
  • This organization will continue to provide all types of co-operation through concentration and deep devotion to the overall development work of the area.
  • This organization will undertake flood relief, epidemic or any other natural disaster, including relief and medical services in any part of Bangladesh.
  • This organization will play an important role in giving financial opportunities to meritorious poor students.
  • This organization will be able to spend the money received through collective fundraising, collective donations and cultural programs etc. in this constitutional way.
  • This organization will accept the health and education training program for the greater population.
  • This organization will take up health and family welfare programs.
  • This organization operates hospitals, clinics and clinics in different places to ensure the treatment of poor people.
  • Establishment of a modern medical college aimed at improving medical services and health education.
  • Micro credit program launched in poverty reduction of the group of this organization.
  • Establishment of educational institutions to ensure timely education of this organization.